“As resident DJ of the Amsterdam Roots Festival Mps PILOT is one of the few DJ’s with an unbelievable mix of exciting dance and world beats, capable of moving crowds of thousands all over the world.” Frans Goossens, Creative director, Amsterdam Roots Festival.

“I know mps PILOT as a passionate DJ who travels the world in search of new tunes! For that you need to be a bit cheeky, slightly crazy you need a lot of and adventure in your genes. This you feel in his music. Respect!” Erwin Schellekens, creative Director, Mundial Festival.

“mps PILOT proved to be probably the best guest DJ we ever had.”Russ Jones, Future World Funk, UK.

In every possible direction and slippage between all different genres, mps PILOT maps the cross pollination and divergence of worldwide contemporary music. His interest in non-western music started during his time at university. Within the subject of ethnomusicology he continued to explore his fascination through sounds from all over the world. However, after studying it was time for the real thing.

_STYLE nowadays mps PILOT grabs audiences with his inspired selection, seamless mixing and deep knowledge. Once the beats begin, his well-honed intuitive skills kick in. Lost in the music and immersed in the flow of the moment, he senses the crowd, draws them in and becomes one with his work. His rock solid sets are packed with the wickedest of tunes – he’s having fun and he makes sure the crowd does too. The BPM in his set vary between 80-180 BPM. With an expressive and convincing execution, mps PILOT weaves Tropical, the latest African & South American styles , Worldwide European Beats, oriental & Asian beats and traditional tunes into an organic whole.

_FACTS His refined yet hip mix is nowadays appreciated way beyond Amsterdam. He is  a regular at the Sfinks Festival, Belgium. Besides the famous Amsterdam clubs like Paradiso and De Melkweg, mps PILOT had residencies at The Sugarfactory Amsterdam, Club Lite, Rasa Utrecht, Que Pasa, De Melkweg, Club Mundial, 013/Tilburg, the Global Nights in the artists’ enclave Ruigoord and Mystic Grooves, RASA Utrecht/ Melkweg, Amsterdam. He spins regularly for the Dutch/Maghreb organisation Marmoucha and in the Netherlands many times at festivals such as The Music Meeting, Dunya, Festival Mundial, Amsterdam Roots, Oerol, The Amsterdam Dance Event, Mysteryland, Dancevalley, 5 Days Off, The Contrabanda Festival and Lowlands. His overseas DJ trips in 2003, 2004 and 2008 brought him to Le Festival au Désert in Essakane, Mali. mps PILOT deejayed WOMEX. He performed during the Jaipur Festival in Rajasthan and in Bombay, India. He stirred up 10,000 people during the Rawafid Festival in Casablanca and 3 years consequently a crowd of 80,000 at the Timitar Festival in Agadir, Marokko. In 2007 he performed at the The Sziget Festival, North Sea Jazz & Sfinks. January 2008 DJ mps PILOT traveled one month in Mali also to play for the 3rd time @ Le Festival au Désert. In 2009 it was Spain’s turn with performances in Barcelona and Fuerteventura and a winter performance in Istanbul. 2010 resulted in a stunning performance at the Afro Latino Festival (B) and again at North Sea Jazz. 2010 Also was the period when mps PILOT founded Future Takamba, a crossover project of Malian Takamba by the famous Super Onze de Gao and Dutch electronic dance and trance music. A convergence of auditory and visual experiment from the Sahara and Amsterdam. They performed touring in The Netherlands and Belgium, the Festival au Niger, Segou and the Jazzy Ben Koum Festival in Bamako, Mali. In 2012 mps PILOT toured Italia, Germany, Luxembourg, Czechia, Portugal, France and performed all over India. And still, for him there is also nothing like his guerilla gigs as on the street of Timbuktu, in a squated factory in Amsterdam or before a streetcrowd in India. Here he gets INSPIRED. Past gigs highlights.

_PRODUCTION mps PILOT poduced official and critically acqlaimed remixes for Skip&Die, Tony Allen, Zuco 103, The Palenke Soul Tribe, Gypsy Hill, Tigerstyle, Donso, the Palenke Soul Tribe, The Amsterdam Klezmer Band and even Steve Reich. Together with Streamer mps PILOT released several remixes under the name StreamerPilot. As a production duo they completed numerous remixes for artists such as Novalima, Tigerstyle, Nidi D’arac, La Malle Coiffee, Boban Markovic, Zuco 103, Burhan Öçal & The Trakya All Stars, Kofi Ayivor, Kasba, Ot Azoj and Merlin Shepherd, A bunch of these are released on several compilations on major worldwide labels. Discography.

_Nothing can quite match an mps PILOT live DJ set, but for the full online experience check out his DJ sets on Mixcloud and watch recent live videos of mps PILOT at the Paleo Festival (CH)| Sziget (HU) | North Sea Jazz (NL)

_mps PILOT’s Electronic Press Kit can be downloaded here.

_MPS PILOT PERFORMED ALONGSIDE international bands such as the Tarafs de Haidouks (tour), Youssou N’Dour, Rachid Taha, Sheikha Rimitti, Shantel, Natacha Atlas, Salif Keita, Tinariwen, Ojos De Brujo, Zuco103, Habib Koite, Mercan Dede, Yuri Buenaventura, Konono No.1, Sekouba Bambino, Mory Kante, NNeka, Sergio Mendez, Hamid Bouchnak, and many others. He joined several times stage with DJ’s such as Shantel,  Bobby & Nihal (BBC Asian network), the Mr Bongo DJ’s, Fuure World Funk, DJ Click, Kosta Kostov, DJ Dolores, DJ Ipek, The Future World Funk Dj’s and DJ Makala

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