The Adventures of Amir Conga

In his new DJ quest mps PILOT depicts a story. It’s the fable of Amir Conga, an Arab African with European roots, bitten by a spider.. A legendary hero he was, celebrated for his legendary voyage over unprecedented heights in the world of ancient trance music.. mps PILOT is conducting this journey into the present, carried by desert winds, through forests of pulsing beats, over waves of blaring clarinets, cricket samples and pulsed by savage chants.. Into eternal levitation.

The set is performed live, accompagnied by crickets, lion sounds and zagrouta’s.. Recorded in an inflatable church, at the Sfinks Mixed Festival, Belgium.
Photography & Design: Erna Kuik & Mayıs Rukel

Mps PILOT & The Adventures of Amir Conga by Mps Pilot on Mixcloud