Sfinks Levitated

As I was going to play several sets at the world famous Sfinks Mixed Festival edition of 2013, the organisation asked me to reserve a more traditional set for their illustrous Cabana. And thats what I did. I decided to spin solely traditional trance music. Music, centuries old, intended for levitation… Going out of your mind… Old and pure.

The Cabana can hold 80 dancers to the max, was was steaming hot and we had one lamp only (we pulled that one out as well as this time the place was at its best being pitchdark… And we all went mad! For 2 hrs…So the whole experiment was a great surprise to me. It was just amazing to see how a young crowd go Wild at these traditional and very wild sounds..

The tunes come from places inbetween Kinshasa and Alger, Denpasar and Damascus. Enjoy, go wild and deep like we did. And spread the vibe.

The Sfinks Levitated Set by Mps Pilot on Mixcloud

Picture by Meriem Fadil El Alaouiova