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Clap! Clap! – DIG! DELVE! DAMN! (Dutch Archive Edition)

Clap! Clap! strips down his bombastic, multilayered take on global rhythms, jazz, and footwork, letting the samples take center stage. Done as part of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’s RE:VIVE initiative in collaboration with the Research Centre for Material Culture. Sampled sounds provided by the Tropenmuseum. Great vibes.


DJ Doraemon – The Change

An example of how electronic music can sound as African as it can get is are the styles Tarraxo and Kuduro.. And some do how to make it really groove. Enjoy these spacious hip grinding vibes DJ Doraemon and download them for free.


Negro Dub – 10 Years of Electrocumbia

What always stroke me is the trance like character that cumbia music can have. Music that seems to be made for what seems to be a folky festive party only, but which has this deep sense of making you go in a trance in a slow mood. Check for example the second tune on this great compilation of remixes by Negro Dub. Negro Dub and cumbia go hand in hand. Negro Dub eats, sleeps and drinks cumbia, all day and all night long. Get it for free.


Pupilos Do Kuduro

Here’s a grand album Sem Regas, by the Angolan kuduro outfit Pupilos Do Kuduro. There are some true electronic interlocking germs in here urging you to move every muscle from your head to your toe. Check the tunes Manda Vir, Bilo and Pirulito! The album is downloadable for free.

Pupilos Do Kuduro
Pupilos Do Kuduro

Umoja – Danzi!

We have been totally sleeping on this release by the Dutch guys from Unoja, irresistible dance music coming out of East Africa! Kenyan Benga, Congolese Rumba’s, Musiki Wa Dansi from Tanzania, they all have something in common: Untamable Hi-hat samurai’s, tireless guitar terriers, scattering songbirds forming a tidal wave of uplifting dance music.
Umoja picked some of their favorite songs & elements and went for a session to add some Umoja flavours. Keeping a wide range of tempo’s and moods, there should be something for all your moves and moments. Put on your brightest socks, sprinkle some glitters and join the Dansi!


Umeme remix out | now.

A lickle afrobass edit made for the Umeme crew. Afrobass in a 2Step to AfroHouse style. Festive, Tropical & Wild.

******** Free download ********


Julito Balacera meets Andrés Digital

I never thought that Andres Digital is based in Germany! But then I guess he’s latino as his sounds are always transporting me to a true urban latino dancefloor, where different styles meet, such as Bomba, Dembow, Reggaeton, Trap and More. Enjoy this EP full of Caribean latino style tunes plus reworks! Get it here for free


Motin – Fauna EP

In case you missed out on Motin from Dresden (DE), have a listen. He’s blending top notch production with traditional styles. He does this it in such a way that I do not recall wether the song is based on a total modern style such as trap or the traditional south or middle amercan style.. And the songs make their own merits, their both fresh and rooted. Check out Black Woods, just lovely. Enjoy!


Rafael Aragon y El Malito

Following their anthem Llego la Hora!, Rafael Aragon is teaming up again with El Malito. A nice vivid collaboration with some different meters and tempo’s inbetween reggaeton & Bachata, but new. For those interested, the acapella’s and instrumentals are included. It’s out on Cassetteblog.

Listen below on the Bandcamp player below and download for free over here.




7 Years of Lowup

After seven years of « dangerous nightclubbing » and three years as a record label, Brussels global bass collective Lowup has something to celebrate and they’re offering this nice a free compilation with some great adventurous tunes. Enjoy!




Neba Solo meets mps PILOT

I am happy to present you the first tune of my collaboration with Neba Solo. It’s a blend of genuine ballofon music and Drum & Bass. Neba is Mali’s primary ballofone player, a national hero decorated twice for his work over there. The project has been kindly supported by Festival sur le Niger, Ségou in Mali were we recorded the tunes and performed for a crowd that went wild. The tune was premiered at Radio France International last week, hitting almost 1000 plays and is downloadable for your pleasure only.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


Well BAZZERK aka Jess and Crabbe did it again, and this one’s even better! They released the 2nd free compilation of Afro-digital dance tunes. Another Grand compilation featuring brand new kuduro tunes, South African afro-house and more from a prolific generation of artists from the Afro-lusophone club scene: Downtempo tarraxo do ghetto from Lisbon and Angolan tarraxinha.

Big shout out to Jess and Crabbe. Enjoy!





BAZZERK aka Jess & Crabbe released a free compilation of Afro-digital dance tunes. A compilation featuring brand new kuduro tunes, South African afro-house and more from a prolific generation of artists from the Afro-lusophone club scene: Downtempo tarraxo do ghetto from Lisbon and Angolan tarraxinha.

Big shout out to Jess & Crabbe. Enjoy!


Various Artists - BAZZERK FREE BUCKET #1 - BAZZERK Free Buckets - fotomontagem


Cocotaxi ?

There is this producers duo, they’re hailing from Sweden… I think what they touch… wether its a remix, a mashup,  a tune of their own… I turns into a tune I cannot miss, I cannot igore… wether its for listening, close listening, dance, production lesson or performance purpose. They call themselves Cocotaxi and they sent me a round up of tunes available for free!

Now you can also get them next to the other great free tunes collection in my blog. Download them all, put them in a folder, play ‘em on your best system and forget all them other tunes spat on on the net for hypie low bitrate streaming purposes.


Bleepolar vs El Faraón Bantú

I just love these great Nu Champeta tunes. Fresh Afrocolombian vibes from da streetz.. Enjoy!


Angolan Remixes

USA based DJ Reagonomics has been blending Angolan vintage sound with -not so hard edge- kuduro vocals and his own beats making it to an attractive blend marking his work again. Enjoy!

[bandcamp album=3940865813 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3 transparent=true]

Frikstailers – Great free DL

Get your copy. KraftCumbiaWerk by FRIKSTAILERS.














Suriname Ting

There is this great team of producers in USA brought together by Que Bajo records NYC… They made this great 2track EP with Surinam vibes by Yakki Famiri & Prince Koloni remixed by Gecko Jones, Uproot Andy and Chief Boima. It’s fresh. Enjoy!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=true&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Hobo Truffles – Ode To Ghana

As I’m always open to new ventures, I was pleasantly surprised by this full album with laid back hop & vintage takes of Ghanian music, esp. Highlife and Jazz ripped from anywhere. The collective is  called Hobo Truffles and there are a nice bunch of talented producers involved. It’s for freee and/or name your price. Enjoy.




I am quite happy I run into this beautiful release of Shūnya AKA Bal Singh, an electronic producer and classically trained composer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is an artist that is seamlessly weaving together modern day electronic music production and trained Indian classical music. A fresh addition to ie. the work of Nitin Sawhney and Talvin Singh.

[bandcamp album=3866553041 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3 transparent=true]

Purchase his tunes, name your price, you can even get them for free, if you do so do not forget to share his work on the net. Enjoy.



Alec Lomami

Somebody who is really making me happy these days is a congolese rapper/producer based in the USA, Alec Lomami. His songs are damn well produced with so many sound colors in between future and vintage, good beats, finger licking anthems, great vocals AND he crosses the best from different worlds.

So while watching his video download your copy of his EP totally for FREE and have a sunny mood for the rest of this week!


Latin Bass Mexico vol. 2

In case you didn’t get infected with the Cumbia flu yet, give this compilation of the best new Cumbia’s from around a shot. It’s from the guys from LMBR, they’re from Mexico and it’s totally free. These guys made a great compilation. Again.

Latin bass mexico vol 2

Download here