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Tarantella Frenzy

I brew a special Tarantella only set for the illustrious Club AKB, organized by the Amsterdam Klezmer band at the Mezrab, Amsterdam. They were joined on stage by the tarantellaband Vincenzo AquAria Castellana from Sicily. Tarantella is the sole traditional trance type from Europe. It deserves a special. The set starts with more poppy and electronic adaptations/remixes etc and goes into the real stuff. Levitating pizzica’s and some deep electronic adaptations as well. Enjoy!

[mixcloud width=”440″ height=”440″ cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ][/mixcloud]

100% Mbalax

mps Pilot’s live set containing 100% pure Senegalese Mbalax.
Mbalax is maybe the best african crossover of a percussive tradition, griot culture and contemporary production. Tempting & addictive rhythms firing up the best dancers in town. Recorded live at the illustruous Afrikafestival, Herthme (NL).

[mixcloud width=”440″ height=”440″ cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ][/mixcloud]

100% Kuduro

100 % Angolese Kuduro set recorded live at the illustrious Afrika Festival Herthme (NL). Beware. Pure Angolan fire.

[mixcloud width=”440″ height=”440″ cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ][/mixcloud]

100% Coupé Décalé Ndombolo & Mapuko

A set with 100% Pure Coupé Décalé, Ndombolo and Mapuko songs out of the of the Ivory Coast Club scene. For ages this was the main style being played by the youngsters all over West Africa. Inbetween old and new songs, classics & big time groovy bangers.
Recorded live at the Africa Festival, Herthme (NL). We had a blast.

[mixcloud width=”440″ height=”440″ cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ][/mixcloud]

100% Afrohouse Gqom Msanzi

It’s mps Pilot’s 100 % Afrohouse Qgom Msanzi set recorded live at the illustrous Afrika Festival Herthme (NL). Msanzi & Gqom are style of infectuous rhythmic and vocally rich house music that emerged a decade into the 21st century from the city of Durban in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.


BalkanGypsy Manifesto Part 1 & 2

Balkan Gypsy Galore DJset by mps Pilot supporting the Amsterdam Klezmer Band at Manifesto, Hoorn. Netherlands. PRE & AFTERparty, inbetween tradition and future, violins & synths, farms, festivals, discotheques & clubs. Enjoy Big Time & Go Wild.


Wild Tape

mps Pilot’s promotape for Wild, his monthly night at Piknik, Deventer (NL), featuring a worldwide selection of tunes by MC Zaac, Swindle, Mungo’s Hifi, Los Chicos Altos, Ninja, Symbiz, Dub Phizix, Poirier, Thornato, Matrub, Clap! Clap!, Jazzy B & Kuldeep Manak, Omar Souleyman, Bomba Estereo, Zro, Tshegue, Murder He Wrote, DJ Satellite, Mabiisi, Milay Xavier, Nonku Phiri & Maahlox Le Vibeur.


The Kalinichta Bash

A set with fresh current Oriental electro, Turkish edits, Syrian Dabke, Raï, Albanian & Bulgarian Chalga & Tallava. Steamy tunes for a wet night.

Recorded at KALINICHTA, Noorderlicht, Amsterdam.


Worldwide Extravaganza

Like life its full of surprises, with edits, snippets, remixes and tunes by
Rimas.INC, Ozferti, Mohamed Al Salam & Amina, Clap! Clap!, El Sargento, Poirier, Murder He Wrote, Dj Chap, Imad Al Shaweesh, Matrub, Doctor Jeep, Paz, Aroop Roy, Benny T, Sidiki Diabate, DJ Doraemon, Tahira and La Banda de Pifanos de Caruaru. Enjoy!


It’s the Orient, brothers & sisters!

It’s the Orient, brothers & sisters! Eastern Electronic vibes, beats, moroccan regadda, turkish edits, syrian dabke, algerian gasba, moroccan dubstep plus street impromptu.

Duration 2 hrs, recorded live at a sold out Le Sucre​, Lyon. Special thanks to Pierre-Marie Pims Oullion​ & Baptiste Pinsard​ for the invitation and the great vibes.


worldwide festival bash

Yes its on, mps Pilot’s true worldwide DJset, 80-130 BPM, flowing inbetween the african, arab, latin, asian and western world.
Closing set recorded at the Paleo Festival (CH). Enjoy.


Djemâa el bash

mps Pilot’s set recorded live at the Djemâa el Fna Foodfestival, Rotterdam. A blend of Moroccan pop, electro arab, sharki, nu-rai, rai n B, Châabi, Dabke, electro Châabi, regadda & a wee bit of sharki. A streetwise set! We had a blast. In case you never heard of these terms, check out the music :-).
Special thanks to Roufaida Aboutaleb & The Djemaa El Fna Foodfestival crew. The lovely images are made by Fleur Beerthuis |


Dreaming of Syria

mps Pilot’s closing set at the Dreaming of Syria Festival at Rasa, Utrecht (NL). It was a special event with Syrian food, movies, live music and storytelling. mps Pilot performed a full on Syrian party where the Syrian AND Dutch crowd went wild and we hope you too! The lovely artwork is made by Enjoy!


The AfroNowWow Tape

Hey boys n girls, better gear up for the The AfroNowWow tape! It portraits a flow of the best current tunes produced in a slew of Africa’s capital city’s such as Abidjan, Nairobi, Accra, Capetown, Lagos, Luanda and Bamako. Africa’s productions & polyrhythms are bringing you further exactly like the vintage albums produced decades ago. These days Azonto, Kwaito, Balanisho, Afro House and Kuduro are the styles hitting African dancefloors.

The AfroNowWow Tape by Mps Pilot on Mixcloud



Good day, last week I performed this set containing new and old tunes from North African Mountain tops: Gasba, Regadda, Dabke, Electro Chaabi, Amazigh, Tamashek and a slew of all kind of Eastern music (from Lebanon, Egypt…) added up with with a few western tunes by the likes of Acid Arab. It’s recorded at Mezrab, Amsterdam. We had a great mixed crowd and this once in a lifetime experience, a Tunesian gasba / trance band calles Bargou 08 taking themselves to a higher level. It was an awesome night. Enjoy!

Regasba by Mps Pilot on Mixcloud


Joyful Noise

A mix to celebrate! It’s mps PILOT’s Birthday set. Some Joyful Noise, this time with mainly 4 to the floor tunes in between vintage, azonto, beats & some pro worldbeats. Enjoy & have a shuffle at yours’ or where ever you are. Recorded live at The Lodge, Zutphen, Netherlands

Joyful Noise by Mps Pilot on Mixcloud


mps PILOT’s Desi Goulash

As Asian underground, Asian Dubstep and Desi Beats are sounds not to be heard often and WAY to less in the European Global Bass scene, mps PILOT’s performed this special DJset at the illustrious Goulash Disko Festival, on Vis Island, Croatia, summer 2014.

Special thanks to Yves Taquet, Iva Kvakic and the other dear folks of the Goulash Disko crew.

[mixcloud width=”480″ height=”500″ iframe=”true”][/mixcloud]


The Mad! Afrobash

YES! it’s mps PILOT’s strictly African tunes set featuring a wild bunch of Azonto, Kuduro & Coupé Décalé tunes. Recorded at The Mad! stage at the Sfinks Festival (BE) 2014.

[mixcloud width=”480″ height=”500″ iframe=”true”][/mixcloud]


Afterparty Hemeltje Lief 2014

It was as shown in the pictures. A Feast. Enjoy!
Pictures (c) Sven de Ceunink.

[mixcloud width=”470″ height=”350″ iframe=”true”][/mixcloud]

Afterparty Hemeltje Lief Festival




Anderland | Anotherland DJset

This one’s recorded at Belgium’s renowned festival Sfinks, at their fresh Anderland / Anotherland Clubstage. The journey is sounding inbetween Baile funk, Azonto, Ukbass, Nu-Cumbia, Desi Bass, Dabke and Drum’ n Bass and a mad crowd.

[mixcloud width=”400″ height=”400″ iframe=”true” ][/mixcloud]


Precious – Devotional delights

Inspired I was by my performance following a concert of sarod master Amjad Ali Khan at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, I rerecorded it at home. It’s a collection of some precious traditional & devotional tunes (some even unavailable, only on K7) & street recordings I made in the North of India & Pakistan. Enjoy.

Precious – Devotional delights by Mps Pilot on Mixcloud



DDD Promotape

Yes, I added another ultimate mps PILOT tape to Do Da Dance. Get Wild on my voyage inbetween Brasilian Hiphop, vintage afro edits, Uk Bass, Azonto, Syrian folk trap, Worlwide Drum ‘n bass, Desi beats, Balkanish beats & Tropical skits…A true voyage which brings you in unexpected places….A set you might expect live.. The tracklist contains a few yet unreleased and exclusive mps PILOT remixes. If you want a download link just leave a comment and/or send your email. Enjoy.

DDD promotape by Mps Pilot on Mixcloud


Sfinks Levitated

As I was going to play several sets at the world famous Sfinks Mixed Festival edition of 2013, the organisation asked me to reserve a more traditional set for their illustrous Cabana. And thats what I did. I decided to spin solely traditional trance music. Music, centuries old, intended for levitation… Going out of your mind… Old and pure.

The Cabana can hold 80 dancers to the max, was was steaming hot and we had one lamp only (we pulled that one out as well as this time the place was at its best being pitchdark… And we all went mad! For 2 hrs…So the whole experiment was a great surprise to me. It was just amazing to see how a young crowd go Wild at these traditional and very wild sounds..

The tunes come from places inbetween Kinshasa and Alger, Denpasar and Damascus. Enjoy, go wild and deep like we did. And spread the vibe.

The Sfinks Levitated Set by Mps Pilot on Mixcloud

Picture by Meriem Fadil El Alaouiova


Batida hitting the Boiler Room.

I love the sound of this guy Batida, and his live band btw. He’s a Uk based portugese producer spinning all kinds of new and older (kuduro) music from Angola. Here he’s doing a DJset at the Boiler Room, uk’s leading online DJset broadcaster. He’s using a midi controller hidden in an oil can. See him warm up the reluctant crowd!

[iframe 500px 450px]



@Wicked Jazz Sounds | Radio6NL

It was great to have a chat with Phil Horneman/Wicked jazz Sounds in Hilversum for Radio6. We even got deep questions from the public about the most important moment in the history of sound! (didnt have a clue) Enjoy!

20130512 DJ-Set MPS Pilot at Wicked Jazz Sounds on Radio6NL by Wickedjazzsounds on Mixcloud


29.01.12 | Up & Running!

Enjoy my DJset for 300 peeps at The Domicil, Dortmund.


16.01.12 | mps PILOT will perform at the Berlin Fashion Week.

Currently he is remixing songs for Tigerstyle (UK) and SKIP&DIE (NL).

Furtheron mps PILOT’s warming up for his India Tour coming fall. Bliss.

Click the image for the Facebook event.


Yes we’re gonna rock the house with _Resident DJ: mps PILOT
(NL/22Tracks) | _Guest DJ; Captain Planet (USA/Bastard Jazz / Mixtape
Riot!) _Percussion: M’bak (Senegal)

Ready to fibrillate your speakers!

mps PILOT’s transcontinental bass bash
featuring the
dopest selection of worldwide created bass driven anthems. Inbetween
asian dubstep, UK future bass, drum ’n bass, balkan bass, Afro bass,
Brasilian bass, oriental bass and more.

Por la fibrillation de votre haut-parleurs. Pronti alla fibrillazione gli altoparlanti. على استعداد لfibrillate مكبرات
الصوت, Готовы фибриллировать динамиков.

Saturday 10th of March!!!!!

Line UP: _Resident DJ: mps PILOT (22Tracks) | _Guest DJ; Makala
(Lovemonk, Spain) | _Guest percussionist Jos De Haas (New Cool
Collective) | _Visuals: Savage Repeat

_STUDIO/K | Timorplein 62 | Amsterdam | Facebook |

mps PILOT’s Birthday Bash |

Witness Mps PILOT celebrating life and hear him counting his blessings.

A DJset Inbetween Future Bass, Mbalax, Kuduro, Moombahton,

Tallava, Couper Decaller, Bullerengue and Drum n Bass.

OUT NOW: StreamerPilot
– White Sugar EP

Get ready for StreamerPilot’s 3rd Installment of their remix EP’s,
featuring some surprisingly diverse remixes spicing up your Djset. The
White Sugar EP will definitely attract your attention with first
of all their 96 Bpm booty shaking ragga remix of Miami’s only Locos Por
. It drives you on, makes you wanna shake and it will not
look out
of place on a hispanic community party somewhere on the US’ East
Coast. Furtheron its noteworthy to mention the crazy second
remix, a cocktail of distorted thumpiano’s on top of slamming dubstep
licks joining Dutch brasilectro trio Zuco
. Exciting, sinister and
sensual on 88Bpm. After hearing the rattling remix of a klezmer
lamentation song played by Merlin
you will certainly know how
to finalize a good night out early in the morning, rowing your boat
into the fog on 58 BPM only..

Again StreamerPilot is bringing you original state of the art
productions, a great follow up to their Black Pepper and Red Sea EP

1. Locos Por Juana – Armando (StreamerPilot’s Bomba remix)


2. Zuco 103- She (StreamerPilot’s Mother remix)

3.Merlin Shepherd – Pass The Kasha (StreamerPilot’s Kosher rmx)

DJ support :
Charlie B Wilder (USA): Excellent work! Losos Por Juana remix

will definitely work on the dancefloor. Really love the vibe on Zuco 103
remix as well.

The Hackney Globetrotter (UK): Streamer pilot is flying high!

There remixes for Armando and Pass the kasha and are on

the money and will be
receiving my full support. Russ Jones the HGT

Svendex: (NL) StreamerPilot’s bomba remake of Locos por Juana will

surely shake all booties in a dance hall. My heart is touched by the
intense makeover of Pass the Kasha. Sounds as deep as the orginal

intent of this Kleshmer music. Great work!

FS Green (NL) Nice! The Bomba remix will work on the dance floor!

DJ Howard Cyberdelia (ES) Congratulations, very good work, strong

…total support in Madrid at the club and radio online. Thank you.

DJ Click (FR) Merlin Shepherd – Pass The Kasha

(StreamerPilot’s Kosher remix) j’adore !!!
Global Souljah (ES) Putting some quality BUMP into Los Locos

and a subtle tweak to Merlin Shepherd – good work as always.
DJ Tommi (NL) the StreamerPilot Bomba mix of Locos por Juana will mosdef hit the dancefloor in my deejay-sets! Banger!