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whAt’s cOOking


Currently he is remixing songs for Tigerstyle (UK) and SKIP&DIE (NL).

Yes we’re gonna rock the house with _Resident DJ: mps PILOT

(NL/22Tracks) | _Guest DJ; Captain Planet (USA/Bastard Jazz / Mixtape
Riot!) _Percussion: M’bak (Senegal)

Ready to fibrillate your speakers!

mps PILOT’s transcontinental bass bash
featuring the
dopest selection of worldwide created bass driven anthems. Inbetween
asian dubstep, UK future bass, drum ’n bass, balkan bass, Afro bass,
Brasilian bass, oriental bass and more.

Por la fibrillation de votre haut-parleurs. Pronti alla fibrillazione gli altoparlanti. على استعداد لfibrillate مكبرات
الصوت, Готовы фибриллировать динамиков.

Saturday 10th of March!!!!!

Line UP: _Resident DJ: mps PILOT (22Tracks) | _Guest DJ; Makala
(Lovemonk, Spain) | _Guest percussionist Jos De Haas (New Cool
Collective) | _Visuals: Savage Repeat

_STUDIO/K | Timorplein 62 | Amsterdam | Facebook |

mps PILOT’s Birthday Bash |

Witness Mps PILOT celebrating life and hear him counting his blessings.

A DJset Inbetween Future Bass, Mbalax, Kuduro, Moombahton,

Tallava, Couper Decaller, Bullerengue and Drum n Bass.

OUT NOW: StreamerPilot
– White Sugar EP

Get ready for StreamerPilot’s 3rd Installment of their remix EP’s,
featuring some surprisingly diverse remixes spicing up your Djset. The
White Sugar EP will definitely attract your attention with first
of all their 96 Bpm booty shaking ragga remix of Miami’s only Locos Por
. It drives you on, makes you wanna shake and it will not
look out
of place on a hispanic community party somewhere on the US’ East
Coast. Furtheron its noteworthy to mention the crazy second
remix, a cocktail of distorted thumpiano’s on top of slamming dubstep
licks joining Dutch brasilectro trio Zuco
. Exciting, sinister and
sensual on 88Bpm. After hearing the rattling remix of a klezmer
lamentation song played by Merlin
you will certainly know how
to finalize a good night out early in the morning, rowing your boat
into the fog on 58 BPM only..

Again StreamerPilot is bringing you original state of the art
productions, a great follow up to their Black Pepper and Red Sea EP

1. Locos Por Juana – Armando (StreamerPilot’s Bomba remix)


2. Zuco 103- She (StreamerPilot’s Mother remix)

3.Merlin Shepherd – Pass The Kasha (StreamerPilot’s Kosher rmx)

DJ support :
Charlie B Wilder (USA): Excellent work! Losos Por Juana remix

will definitely work on the dancefloor. Really love the vibe on Zuco 103
remix as well.

The Hackney Globetrotter (UK): Streamer pilot is flying high!

There remixes for Armando and Pass the kasha and are on

the money and will be
receiving my full support. Russ Jones the HGT

Svendex: (NL) StreamerPilot’s bomba remake of Locos por Juana will

surely shake all booties in a dance hall. My heart is touched by the
intense makeover of Pass the Kasha. Sounds as deep as the orginal

intent of this Kleshmer music. Great work!

FS Green (NL) Nice! The Bomba remix will work on the dance floor!

DJ Howard Cyberdelia (ES) Congratulations, very good work, strong

…total support in Madrid at the club and radio online. Thank you.

DJ Click (FR) Merlin Shepherd – Pass The Kasha

(StreamerPilot’s Kosher remix) j’adore !!!
Global Souljah (ES) Putting some quality BUMP into Los Locos

and a subtle tweak to Merlin Shepherd – good work as always.
DJ Tommi (NL) the StreamerPilot Bomba mix of Locos por Juana will mosdef hit the dancefloor in my deejay-sets! Banger!



22Tracks Amsterdam | mps PILOT’s Tropical Page

Since 3 years mps PILOT is selector for the Amsterdam Tropical Page on 22Tracks. The tracks are updated weekly. Enjoy & stay Tuned!

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