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100% Kuduro

100 % Angolese Kuduro set recorded live at the illustrious Afrika Festival Herthme (NL). Beware. Pure Angolan fire.

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Pupilos Do Kuduro

Here’s a grand album Sem Regas, by the Angolan kuduro outfit Pupilos Do Kuduro. There are some true electronic interlocking germs in here urging you to move every muscle from your head to your toe. Check the tunes Manda Vir, Bilo and Pirulito! The album is downloadable for free.

Pupilos Do Kuduro
Pupilos Do Kuduro

Angolan Remixes

USA based DJ Reagonomics has been blending Angolan vintage sound with -not so hard edge- kuduro vocals and his own beats making it to an attractive blend marking his work again. Enjoy!

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