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It’s the Orient, brothers & sisters!

It’s the Orient, brothers & sisters! Eastern Electronic vibes, beats, moroccan regadda, turkish edits, syrian dabke, algerian gasba, moroccan dubstep plus street impromptu.

Duration 2 hrs, recorded live at a sold out Le Sucre​, Lyon. Special thanks to Pierre-Marie Pims Oullion​ & Baptiste Pinsard​ for the invitation and the great vibes.


Djemâa el bash

mps Pilot’s set recorded live at the Djemâa el Fna Foodfestival, Rotterdam. A blend of Moroccan pop, electro arab, sharki, nu-rai, rai n B, Châabi, Dabke, electro Châabi, regadda & a wee bit of sharki. A streetwise set! We had a blast. In case you never heard of these terms, check out the music :-).
Special thanks to Roufaida Aboutaleb & The Djemaa El Fna Foodfestival crew. The lovely images are made by Fleur Beerthuis |