Report Festival au Desert | 2003

Report Festival au Desert | 2003

10 Years ago this green DJ from The Lowlands of Netherlands went beserk on Tamashek musique he witnessed at the famous Sfinks festival (B). I then decided I really wanted to see a Tamashek Festival Sfinks was co-creating. The festival was somewhere deep in the desert, 60 km north of Timbuktu. In Mali. Since the start of this festival the siginificance of Malian music was only getting more and more clear to the western world. This report is aiming mainly on the Tamashek and Songhay music played there live, on and of the stages. There is even a live recording of the famous Super Onze from Gao.

The report was done for the famous Wandelende Tak program on Dutch radio / VPRO radio. It’s in dutch but its easy to skip through the short spoken parts and there are heaps of music to enjoy.

Special thanks to Walter Slosse, the main man behind De Wandelende Tak who was so kind to send me the lost VPRO file.

Horst Timmers | mps PILOT | festival Au desert 2003

Super Onze – Tape re-release

Super Onze – Tape re-release

Last week my label TWO Speakers released a Sahara trance cassette re-release from my friends of Super 11 (Gao, Mali).

Session pour Yehia le Marabout (TWO 005)
“Super Onze are the real roots of desert blues – Mali’s equivalent of Congotronics. This is how it all sounded before the electric guitar came in to the equation: Super Onze play amplified ngonis with virtuoso and hypnotic melodies, their raw, impassioned bluesy singing hangs over heavy takamba beats on calabash percussion. After years of playing at weddings and child naming ceremonies around the desert, this band rocks – not to be silenced. The real soul of Mali’s northern desert.”

Lucy Durán, School of Oriental and African studies, and BBC Radio 3.

The people of this band are in serious danger. War/sickness/famine in their hometown/region/country. All proceedings go to them directly. So please support them directly by buying the album.

Artwork by Take a Detour